Though we have mainly used books as a reference to see how typography has evolved over the years. There are various other uses as well. The following are some of the major uses today

  1. Newspapers and Advertisements: Newspapers, magazines are important to pass on information of daily events across the world and various fonts are needed to pass on relevant information. Advertisements carried out in newspapers are used to attract people and to enhance business.
  1. Documents and Presentations: Nowadays all offices use projectors in meetings where documents and presentations are discussed. Here as well it is important to keep the focus of the audience hooked to the slides or documents. Many legal documents are also circulated and it is important to highlight the relevant portions with different fonts.
  1. Clothing: Clothes these days come with a lot of printing and some people carry messages they believe on their t-shirts. Attractive fonts and colors that go with the background are important here.
  1. Maps: Atlas and maps have been used for long and the importance of a place can be known easily by how big a font that gets used to represent something. Whatever be the font the place and street names etc. must be readable whether it is in printed form or online.
  1. Webpages: More than printed material, web pages these days carry a lot of information to the common public and hence designing a website that has a good font is important. Too glaring fonts or backgrounds are bound to irritate and tire the users. It is important to have a nice web page with the readable font to get a repeat audience.
  1. Mobile phones: Mobile phones are used by people of all ages, thus it is important to have adjustable font so that people who have difficulty in reading can also use the phone well. With modern day enlarging and swiping technologies it is important that the typography or font that is chosen can still be readable even when the font size is increased.

Thus topography forms an intrinsic part of modern day life and has evolved over the years.